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Inès Chaussures, the essential shoemaker in Aubagne !

Beyond offering our customers a whole range of shoes for men and women as well as a large selection of handbags and other accessories, the Ines boutique Shoes in Aubagne welcomes you in a warm setting to guide you in your selection and answer all your questions about the best choice of shoes.

At the head of a real know how in the selection of models and brands of shoes among the most qualitative and design on the market, we make sure to advise you according to your morphology, the use of your future shoes or the style you want to wear.

Inès Chaussures Aubagne

How can going to a store help you choose your shoes?

This is because we consider it important to exchange and try your pair of shoes in order to guarantee optimal well-being and correspond to the daily constraints that you impose on your feet that the physical reception in our store of shoes in Aubagne is a real asset.

Passionate about the world of shoe, it is with kindness and in a friendly atmosphere that you are received by our team who takes the time to understand what your expectations are, what style is yours, what material you prefer and what comfort you are looking for. From the simple little pair of ballerinas to the boots and ankle boots passing by the traditional pumps, we will be able to respond to each request for a pair of women's shoes that goes with your personality.

The same goes for the men to whom we will deliver wise advice to choose the pair of moccasins, derbies or sneakers who will fill them.

Just one more shoe store in Aubagne, when you enter our shop, it is in complete relaxation and with extreme pleasure that you are taken care of by a team whose sole objective is to satisfy your request and find you the pair of shoes made for you.


Where to find a specialized shoe store in Aubagne?


Ideally located on rue de la République, the city's main thoroughfare, just a few steps from the Town Hall and the birthplace of Marcel Pagnol, the Inès Shoes store in Aubagne offers you a whole selection of high quality shoes from best brands and a whole range of handbags, hats, socks, gloves, etc.


It's more than a shoe shop that we invite you to come and discover but a privileged place where you can find all the

Accessories to affirm your style from head to toe.

And because our core business remains that of footwear, it is also a whole selection of cleaning, repairing and nourishing products that we present to you in our shoe store in Aubagne.
but not only...

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